7 Recommendations for Safe and Good Baby Baths

7 Recommendations for Safe and Good Baby Baths

Bathing is one of the mandatory agendas that babies need to do. This bathing activity not only serves to keep your little one clean, but you can also make this bath moment to play with your child.

Even though it looks like an ordinary activity, actually bathing a baby is not something that can be underestimated. You need to pay attention to many things, such as the safety and comfort of the baby while bathing.

One of the important things that need to be considered for bathing a baby is a baby bath. You need to choose a baby bath that is not slippery, safe, and comfortable to use.

Bathtubs for Newborns & Toddlers

Currently, various types of baby baths are sold in the market. Starting from ordinary bathtubs, air baths, mattresses, to sophisticated bathtubs that have various technological features. You can adjust the type of bathtub according to your baby's needs.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a good and safe bath reference, let's take a look at some of the best baby bath recommendations below:

1. Aqua Scale 3-In-1 Baby Bath

The first baby bath recommendation is the Aqua Scale 3-In-1 Baby Bath. This bathtub from Baby Patent is a 3 in 1 digital baby bath that features a digital baby scale, water thermometer, and a two-stage baby tub.

The water thermometer feature will automatically monitor and display the temperature of the bathwater in the tub, so you can ensure that your little one is safe and feels comfortable with the water temperature.

2. Rotho Bath Solution Set

Rotho Bath Solution Set is a set of toiletries that prioritizes the safety and comfort of mothers and children while bathing.

This set consists of a bathtub, shower rest, tub legs, and drain hose. This baby bath is equipped with anti-slip rubber that can hold your little one's body so it doesn't slip while bathing.

Besides, the upper edge of the tub is also matte designed so that the mother's hands are not slippery while bathing.

3. Murmur Multifunctional Baby Bath Seat

For those of you who are looking for a safe newborn bath, this Murmur bath can be the right choice. Murmur Multifunctional Baby Bath Seat is a baby shower equipment from South Korea.

Unlike some of the previous bathtubs, this product is not in the form of a tub but a multipurpose chair that is designed to fit the baby's body and is equipped with an anti-slip silicone pad that can keep the baby in the shower while bathing.

4. Mastela Deluxe Baby Bather

Mastela Deluxe Baby Bather is a baby bath that can be used for 3 different positions.

This baby bather is suitable for newborns up to 9 months of age because it is equipped with a supporting pillow that will provide comfort and safety for your little one.

Besides, this bathtub also has soft rubber at the bottom of the tub which functions to prevent your little one from slipping while taking a shower. So, the security side is very concerned about.

5. Puku Baby New Born Bath Tub

Puku Baby New Born Bath Tub is a mini bath suitable for newborns.

The baby bath has the shape of a classic baby tub with a headrest that can provide comfort for your little one while bathing.

Besides, this bathtub is also made of high-quality plastic material, non-toxic and antibacterial, making it safe for newborns.

6. Sugar Baby Deluxe Baby Bather

For those of you who want to find a baby bathtub that is practical and doesn't take up space, Sugar Baby Deluxe Baby Bather can be the right choice.

One of the reasons is because you can fold this baby bathtub after use. So, it won't take up much space for storage. This baby bath is also equipped with a bath rest and pads that have been adapted to the baby's body so that it does not slip while being held.

7. Doctor Dolphin Baby Bathtub

Unlike other bathtubs, Doctor Dolphin Baby Bathtub is a baby bathtub made of soft and smooth airbags. This bathtub is designed with a 45 backrest that can make your little one comfortable and safe while taking a shower.

When you're done using the tub, you can blow away the air in the bag and fold it up for storage, so it won't take up space.

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