Tips on how to allow gpedit.msc on Home windows 10 Dwelling Version

Tips on how to allow gpedit.msc on Home windows 10 Dwelling Version

 The group coverage editor is absent on the Dwelling version of Home windows 10. As a substitute, customers have the Registry Editor. The registry editor has kind of the identical choices because the group coverage editor. Any adjustments which you can make to Home windows 10 Skilled by making adjustments to the group coverage editor, might be made in Home windows 10 Dwelling by modifying the registry. 

That mentioned, for those who evaluate the group coverage editor to the registry editor, the group coverage editor is much simpler to make use of. Moreover, you will see sure settings within the group coverage that you just can't change within the registry.

gpedit msc win 10 home

gpedit.msc on Home windows 10 Dwelling Version

You possibly can allow the group coverage editor on Home windows 10 Dwelling version. You could have admin rights on the system to allow it. The recordsdata for the group coverage editor are already current in your system. All you must know is how you can set it up.

The recordsdata are situated at;

C:\Home windows\servicing\Packages

The recordsdata/packages for group coverage editor are known as;

Microsoft-Home windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Bundle*.mum


Microsoft-Home windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Bundle*.mum

Allow gpedit msc on Home windows 10 Dwelling

To allow the group editor coverage on Home windows 10 Dwelling, observe these steps.

  1. Open Command Immediate with admin rights.
  2. Run the following command.
FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Home windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Bundle~*.mum") DO (
DISM /On-line /NoRestart /Add-Bundle:"%F" )
  1. As soon as the command has accomplished, run this second command.
FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Home windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Bundle~*.mum") DO (
DISM /On-line /NoRestart /Add-Bundle:"%F" )

Open gpedit.msc on Home windows 10 Dwelling

As soon as the group coverage editor has been put in, you may open it by following these steps.

  1. Faucet the Win+R keyboard shortcut to open the run field.
  2. Within the run field, enter gpedit.msc and faucet the Enter key.
  3. The group coverage editor will open.

Group coverage editor vs Registry editor

The Group coverage editor and the registry editor handle the identical or related settings. Typically, the adjustments that you just apply in group coverage editor will take impact nonetheless, not all coverage adjustments might apply. This holds true for options that aren't out there on Home windows 10 Dwelling. These are few but when a setting doesn’t apply, verify for the equal registry keys which you can edit to make the change.


The group coverage editor is less complicated to make use of than the registry editor however change to it ought to nonetheless be made rigorously. You possibly can reverse them and the method is equally straightforward to do however it's best to nonetheless watch out when making them. The group coverage editor might provide you with a way that the adjustments you’re making aren’t as impactful as people who you make within the registry editor however that isn’t true. 

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