How To Fix A Zipper Very Simple

11 ways to fix a broken zipper,How to Fix a Broken Zipper,How to Fix a Separated Zipper,How to Fix a Broken or Misaligned Zippe,Zipper Repair How to Fix a Broken Zipper,How to repair a ZIPPER
11 ways to fix a broken zipper,How to Fix a Broken Zipper,How to Fix a Separated Zipper,How to Fix a Broken or Misaligned Zippe,Zipper Repair How to Fix a Broken Zipper,How to repair a ZIPPER

The problem of zippers not closing is common, usually zippers for jackets and bags that often experience this problem. Usually caused by too much luggage. To overcome zippers that cannot close on the bag, try not to keep your luggage too piling up in the bag.

When a zipper can’t close, we definitely think that the zipper can’t be repaired. However, this zipper is only damaged and can be repaired. Try the following ways to fix the zipper won’t close:

1. Dirty zipper teeth

Zippers that won’t close can be caused by dirty zipper teeth. Clean zippers by making a solution of water and dish soap. Then, take a clean cloth, dip it in the soapy water solution and rub it on the zipper teeth. Rinse with a clean cloth dampened with water.

2. Twisted zipper teeth

Zippers that don’t want to close are also usually caused by bent zipper teeth. You do this by using pliers, straighten the bent zipper teeth. Then try to open the zipper close to test the repair results. Or you can tighten the slider using pliers.

How to Fix a Bag Zipper That Has Been crash

There are several ways to fix the zippered bag. So that you are not annoyed when there is a zipper problem already dol. Let’s look at the following tips.

Use a lotion to soften the skin which is often used by women. However, the use is different, the lotion that will be used is its function to fix the dol. The trick is to simply apply lotion on the zipper and pull it slowly.

Use crayons that children often draw on. The trick is you just have to rub the crayon on the zipper and pull it slowly.
Rub wax onto the zipper track or rail, then try to open and close the zipper repeatedly.

Apply petroleum jelly to the zipper teeth using a cooton bud. Apply it to the damaged part and try to pull it slowly.
You can use pliers by tightening the clamp on the left and right side of the zipper head. Do not be too hard when pressing the zipper because the zipper can be damaged.

How to fix a zipper bag that won’t stick together

For the problem of zippers that don’t want to stick together in the bag, it is certain that there are too many items in the bag. The heavy weight in the bag caused his teeth to stretch. Not only in bags, the problem of zippers that don’t stick together also often occurs in pants. It can be concluded that the size of the bag or pants is too small. Here’s how to fix bag zippers that don’t want to stick together and can be applied to fix zippers that don’t want to stick together.

1. Reduce the pressure on the zipper.

If your purse, purse, or backpack is full of objects, the pressure on the zipper can cause your teeth to stretch. if zippers separate on bags or clothes, it indicates the size is too small.

Reduce the number of items in the bag. Take out the contents of your wallet, leave a few books at home or move some items to another bag or backpack. If the contents of the bag have been reduced, the zipper can move smoothly.
If you are trying out new clothes at the store, buy one the size is up. If there are clothes with separate zippers in the wardrobe, increase the size of the clothes.

2. Remove dirt that has accumulated on the zipper teeth.

If there are zippers that have accumulated on the teeth, they will not close. Combine soap and water in a small dish, stirring until foam forms. Wet a clean cloth with the soapy water and wipe the zipper teeth. Take a clean cloth and wet it under running water. Wipe the soapy water on the zipper teeth with the damp cloth. Try to open and close the zipper as usual.

3. Straighten bent zipper teeth.

Bent zipper teeth can make zippers open and won’t stick together. To straighten crooked teeth, the lat needed is tweezers or pliers to pull the teeth straight. Be careful not to pull the teeth out of the zipper tape so as not to occur like the following image.

How to repair a damaged zipper on a bag
The damage to zippers is indeed various. How to repair a damaged zipper on a bag is also different. If the zipper is really damaged and can’t be repaired, it’s time for you to replace it with a new one. Before you fix the damage, it’s a good idea to look at the steps as follows.

Distinguish the zipper damage you experienced. If the zipper is stuck / can’t open the lid you only need to wax the zipper teeth, rub with a pencil, or use graphite.
Avoid using graphite on white or light zippers as it can worsen the appearance of the zipper.

Take it to a tailor if you can’t fix the zipper yourself. Basically, repairing a damaged zipper can be done by yourself but it takes patience and sewing skills to fix a damaged zipper.

How to fix a zipper that won’t lock

The problem of zippers that don’t lock often occurs in your clothes. Of course this is very annoying. But most people, if they find a zipper that doesn’t want to lock, immediately replace it with a new one. But it would be nice if you apply a way to fix a zipper that doesn’t lock.

Try tying back the back / locking part or what is called the zipper head by hand or using pliers. You can press it slowly and don’t be too tight and don’t drag the zipper.

How to fix a jammed zipper

Many people have jammed zippers. Even I myself have experienced this. Now this incident is usually caused by dirt stuck to the zipper which makes it difficult for the head to move.

However, don’t panic, buddy. The way to fix a jammed zipper is to smooth it out. We have discussed at the top, you can try this material to smooth the zipper. Candles, pencil points and soap are all the materials you can use. The fix is ​​simply applying wax to the zipper teeth. Then try shifting the zipper head.

If the zipper is still stuck it can add wax rubbing. Even though it is proven to be smooth, it is better not to use ingredients in the form of liquid oil. The oil is usually sticky and smells bad. If it starts to feel stuck then smooth it out immediately. This aims to avoid further damage. Many people, when they feel stuck in a traffic jam, are forced to pull it out, the result is that the damage is even worse.

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